Top 9 things you should ALWAYS buy at the Dollar Store!…and the top 3 things to avoid.

Evegything there you have it! Now, the big question…. So next time you go to one of my favorite hangouts aka the dollar storebe aware of what you're tossing into that little green cart so you don't walk away carelessly spending your hard earned dollars. Your timing is perfect! This is our weekend for the grandkids and a visit to the Dollar Store saves our sanity.

They are always so excited to see what treasures we have for them. I have already been outside with them 3 times today. Josh calls them G'ma activities. I think that Site where everything is 1 dollar have as much fun as the kids do. Love your blog!! I make a holiday dip that is awesome with Bugles…I can't find them anywhere but the dollar store or Big Lots…so site where everything is 1 dollar is ONE food item not to avoid!

Baby girl bathing suits killer deal! I bought 2 for my 8 mo. Old and they're perfect for what she'll use them for! Great post! Happy weekend! Fantastic post! I didn't know they're now carrying those bins. Guess who sire be in the Dollar Tree Tomorrow? Another great use for the gem rocks is in the bottom of any container or vase. I then stick my makeup brushes in there. It holds article source up and keeps them organized.

Be careful with the pot holders and over mitts!! I've had one catch on fire in my hand just when I reached into the oven. It didn't even hit the burner or anything. And thank you for the article! Lots of good info!! I totally agree about the pregnancy tests. They are actually what most hospitals as and doctor's offices use.

I love this post! I don't suggest bribing your kids but it just happens that's the store I like to buy crafting stuff, flash cards and other little keep her sige toys so she thinks it's some fun exciting face! Also, I use the baskets for organizing my chest freezer and it makes my life WAY easier! Another dollxr at our store at least they have those little folding stackable shelves and I found while they aren't the most sturdy they do what I need them site where everything is 1 dollar underneath our sink in the bathroom!

I'm with Jennifer above — most of this I agree with, but not the food. You can often find recognizable brand names campbells soups, for one thing that are a really good deal site where everything is 1 dollar the food aisle; I also usually get my worcestshire sauce and condiments there that I'm not going to use very often.

And while we don't go nuts buying it, their candy is usually a good deal. We get their generic fig newtons though, and the blueberry and apple versions as well, and they're very good. And Dollar Tree sells big three liter bottles of dolalr, too — which, of course, I'm recommending ks moderation, getting it cheap isn't an excuse to drink it like water.

Which is another thing you can get there cheap -bottled water, in big containers. Oh, and dishes! No, they're not going to be great quality, but especially for crafts — I found these really nice stemless wine glasses at the dollar tree and girls calfs great.

Evreything the door hooks too, and mesh laundry bags, all mine came from the dollar store. And the "home improvement" aisle is a great source for sponge paint brushes, since even the good ones don't last more than a couple of projects. I love the Dollar Tree especially of all the Dollar Stores.

I buy most site where everything is 1 dollar my cleaners there. For the most part, I use all natural homemade cleaners but there are sometimes I just cant. I sprayed, let sit for 30 minutes, then washed in hot water. Almost every one came clean. Im sure this stuff is fairly toxic and Im normally an organic kinda gal, but I'll make an exception for this stuff.

I use it in my carpet cleaner too. Its amazing how well it works. True story. I also get some foods there but not many. Last time I looked, they were made in Canada. I'll click it.

I dont buy anything food-wise that was made in China. I get pretzel sticks there for M'honey. They're cheaper there than anywhere else. My recent post Week 5 CSA. I absolutely love the dollar store! When my husband and I were first engaged and living in our new apartment I couldn't afford to decorate it. So every holiday our decorations came from there.

I still have figurines from there I use in sets ups today! I do have to disagree with you about the food. Although some of the stuff may be smaller name brand wise If you check the expiration, the food is dol,ar.

Also, dollar tree and places like deals now accept manf. I love your post, glad you shared your ideas, I am going on a road trip in a week and using some of your ideas, Thanks! You forgot the absolute best thing… Pregnancy tests! Or when you find out you are pregnant everythijg want to keep testing over and over cause you can't believe it's real!

I I do love some grocery buys like dried beans, canned or jarred spaghetti sauce check the datecanned fruit check the date. Heavy-duty water glasses. Same with otc medicines. Check the dates and not from China. I totally agree with all of your do's and I'm so glad to see other people saying hey, it's OK to buy a lot of site where everything is 1 dollar stuff there. However, I would disagree with saying no site where everything is 1 dollar all of the food.

Yeah, a lot of their stuff there is gross off brands and not a great deal, but a couple of things there I've found for a good price including condiments which can be bought on sale for site where everything is 1 dollar good price but usually not read more a dollar but most importantly bread. Yes, you can buy cheap-o store brand white bread for a dollar or less at any given time at wgere stores, but I've been able to find wheat Nature's Site where everything is 1 dollar at my Dollar Tree which is usually dollars in my area, 2 being the best sale I've seen.

Usually the bread is a couple of days away from its use by date, but I've never had any go bad on me, and slightly stale bread can be used for French toast and other breakfasty things. For me it's worth it to be able to get wheat instead of white and avoid site where everything is 1 dollar fructose corn syrup. My best ever discovery at DT!! Btob fandom name it is close to use by date than the grocery store…but we go through it so fast it never bothers us!

My DT gal even told me the days the bread sihe comes, so I just grab it fresh of the bread guys cart!! Way less than a dollar eerything and amazingly accurate. Great Tips…but I found your site to be slow to load and actually made my comp run high! Maybe due to all the ads or the heavy picture usage, not sure.

Just wanted to pass it along. Yes I snuck it in by the beauty section, but I'll highlight it more. Thanks for the suggestion!! Site where everything is 1 dollar you're buying a ton, even 14 cents is a big deal, not even mentioning tax on them all! That's great to know; I will have to keep an eye out for bread at my store!

Thanks for sharing! I haven't had that feedback before, so thank you for passing it along!! I'll look into it. Great post!!! I have to site where everything is 1 dollar, in regards to your comment about no returns or exchanges, I have never ever had a problem with exchanging items. But all that other stuff continue reading talked about is right on!

Thank you for this post! And ALL your wonderful tips in life. I dollat pick up a bag of truffles and they are delicious!

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